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Survive and Succeed

Many of the basic keys to survival are also necessary ingredients to success in life. For example, if you hope to survive an accident (such as a plane crash) in a remote area, the first thing you must do is to make up your mind: You must decide or choose to survive. You must make that a top priority.  more...


Start and Run Your Own Newspaper

Want to start up a community paper or special interest publication? Every day, people use "Auto Sales" papers, real estate papers, antiques sales papers, or other specialty shopping guides, such as those featuring horse, cattle and livestock sales. Other small publications center on childcare, home improvement, or used furniture and appliances, local sports teams, local high schools sports, and more.  more...


Sourdough Bread: Good Bread from Scratch

It isn't difficult to master the basics of sourdough itself. Originally, all breads were all made this way, and the practice likely developed by accident. Bakeries and family kitchens all over the world continue to make bread using a sourdough method. more...


A Brief History of Drones and Radio-Controlled Aircraft

In it's early days, radio-controlled flight, as a phenomenon, was a fairly simple thing to study or talk about. It did not involve nearly as many people, in as many different places, as it does now. There were not that many options to choose from, although experimentation and invention has always been the central core of rc flying. more...

  How to Start a Mini Advertiser Paper for Your Area

Many people have asked me for information on starting a newsletter-sized publication for their community. Something smaller than a newspaper (see ) Something paid for by small ads for local businesses. If this is your interest, be sure to visit the Happy Advertiser website.

thumbnail image of a typical adsheet advertiser paper.  

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